Imprint according to the Provider identification under Section 5 (1) ECG (service provider):

This internet website is operated by “Kunstverein Wicked Blood”.
“Kunstverein Wicked Blood”, short name “Wicked Blood” is registered as a non-profit association in the Central Register of Associations Graz/Austria under the ZVR number 1309509506.

Wicked Blood Clothing
Reininghausstrasse 10/3/146
8020 Graz
Telephone: +43 0316 260 877




Business Licence Information

Authority according to ECG: District Administration Graz
GISA-Code: 34152720
Managing Director: Kevin Filzwieser
Trade regulations: Trade law ( is an information and shopping platform


Non-Profit Association Information

Authority according to Association Law: Landespolizeidirektion Steiermark, Sicherheits- und Verwaltungspolizeiliche Abteilung (SVA), Parkring 4, 8011 Graz, Austria
Central Association Register Code/ZVR Number: 1309509506

Board of Directors
Chairman: Kevin Filzwieser
Secretary: Lisa Maria Schrittwieser
Treasurer: Chiara Wretschko

Association Function 

1. the planning, organization, and realization of an art and fashion label for disseminating and displaying artistic works.
2. to promote and develop art, culture, music, and the artists, musicians and artists, musicians, cultural workers, and cultural operators.
3. the promotion of communication, networking, and intercultural exchange of all forms of present intercultural exchange of all forms of contemporary art.
4. to promote and develop alternative forms of artistic expression.

You can read our association statutes here.

The association’s activities are not aimed at profit and are in all respects non-profit-making within the meaning of the Federal Tax Code.


Disclaimer of Liability

On our website, you will find hyperlinks to external internet websites. We do not influence the design and content of these external pages. Therefore, we do not accept responsibility for the content and design of these pages. This disclaimer applies to all external references displayed on our website.


Legal Notice

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