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I started my work as 8-817 P1X3LD0M1N4 circa 2014 as a way to express my interest for the dark side of life.

At the beginning, it started as a 100% digital project, mixing bdsm, porn, corpses and serial killer imaginery with lowres, simmetry and 8-bit glitched effects. Occult stuff and symbols like, crosses, use of foreign languages, misspells, latin were naturally added. I’m and art teacher and used to paint a lot, so this digital freedom was very welcome.

Palette is mostly black and white.

About 4 years ago my father was at the hospital for almost a year. Not being able to use my computer when I was there with him made me start with collage. This brought a more social and metaphoric point of view to my work, mostly because I could only use magazines and easy to find stuff (not many porn magazines at the hospital). I really went adicted to scissors, glue and that shit, so it stayed with me. Now I collage quite a lot from social to porn or religion. This gave my work an analog touch again.

So now my work is a kind of a fight between analog and digital, porn, social, death, black and white, xerox and paint… Sometimes dark, but I guess not so dark as the early days. I always try to leave some traces of my past and memories and nostalgia by using biblical references, names of places of my chidhood and shit like that.

You can find some of my designs handprinted by me on tshirts and patches. I also make zines: black and white, xerox and hanstapled by me; and minizines, which I think are one of the most interesting way of self expresion you can find.